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Vargas, 27, won the vacant World Boxing Organization welterweight title against Sadam Ali in March. I have everything for [Pacquiao], Vargas told a reporter at a Monday workout in Las Vegas. “I want it more than he does. I have everything to come out victorious the strength, the speed, the youth. ThoughVargas (27-1, 10 knockouts) has taken heart from his pairing last year with trainer Dewey Cooper, he is not too removed from a jeered split-decision victory over Riversides Josesito Lopez in 2011, from being knocked down by Wale Omotoso in 2013 and from being out-classed by Timothy Bradley Jr. in June 2015. My team has helped me improve in many factors speed, power, experience, the mental game; how I see the fight game is different, Vargas told The Times during a telephone interview. Theyve helped bring out the best in me. Vargas is also confident because hes 10 years younger than Pacquiaoand possesses four-inch advantages in height and reach. Is that enough, however, to beat the Hall of Fame-bound Pacquiao, whos won the same WBO belt Vargas wears on three prior occasionsand is said by his trainer and sparring partners to be performing near peak fightingform in training camp? I am ready to defeat Manny Pacquiao.

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interview skills

Don’t linger. I’m considering only two at this point and will commit to one this afternoon. to arrive 5 or 10 minutes early to be safe. It’s also acceptable to ask when the organisation will expect to let people know the outcome of their application. Have a fairly bland and generic reply prepared such as ‘Well, I’m not sure what type of animal/car/bird/whatever I’d be, but I do know that I set myself high standards and am not happy unless I’m working hard!” Don’t try to form your whole answer immediately – just try to say one or two sensible things first – in the example above, you could say that first you would examine the dam keeper’s leg to see how bad the injury was. That means interviewing as much as you can. Remember to listen carefully to the interview questions so that you actually answer the question, and never interrupt. It’s probably not a great idea to ask whether you’ll be able to work part-time at this stage.

interview skills

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